ACC is moving online


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ACC is moving online which means that you will be able to receive your ACC invoices via email instead of being posted out. With MyACC for Business you can manage your business account and levies, find out how much you owe, set up a payment plan and understand what you pay for. You should have received an email from ACC to update your communication preferences to email if this is how you want to receive your invoices in the future. Please ensure that all your contact details are correct as an incorrect address could mean your invoices are missed for payment.

ACC CoverPlus Extra

CoverPlus Extra (CPX) is an optional cover product that allows you to choose how much of your income you want to be covered if you have an accident and can’t work. ACC will pay compensation based on your cover amount and option. 

It is especially suited to those who: 

  • have fluctuating income, either yearly or seasonal as you’ll know exactly how much ACC will pay.
  • want to apply for more, or less cover than your actual income.
  • are newly self-employed with no earnings history and want assurances around your cover.

You can apply for CPX if you’re:

  • self-employed or a non-PAYE shareholder, ie you don’t receive PAYE deducted earnings from your company.
  • working full-time (more than 30 hours per week on average).
  • working part-time (30 hours or less per week on average) and have earnings above the CPX minimum for the current year.

If you already have an ACC number, you can apply through MyACC for Business.

You can apply for cover for any amount of income between $33,972 and $109,235. These minimum and maximum levels are for the year 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023. Certain amounts may require approval. 

Please contact your client manager if you wish to discuss this further.