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Checklist for financial year end

March 31st is only a few weeks away and for many this is the end of your 2017 financial year. It is really important to us here at BFA to provide the support and information that you need to continue to operate successfully. In order to provide our best service to you, we use the year-end process to collate and filter through your information, then turning this into something of value to you and your business. During the preparation of Annual Accounts, we may even uncover opportunities that arose during the year, save you some tax or just simply make your job more streamlined so that you can concentrate on building success.

Published: Feb 06 2017

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Replacing company vehicles from 1st April 2017

Among the changes included in the Taxation (Business Tax, Exchange of Information & Remedial Matters) Bill; there is an amendment that allows close companies that provide motor vehicles to elect to apportion expenditure on motor vehicles the company provides to shareholder-employees between business use and private use as an alternative to paying Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) on the motor vehicle.

Published: Feb 01 2017

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