Companies Office

What business structure should you operate under is one of the most important things to get right. BFA helps you make these decisions for you. If a Limited Liability Company is the best for you, you must be aware of the legal responsibilities that come along with this. Advantages will include Financial risk, trading, ease of ownership and much more. BFA has the knowledge and experience to keep your company and your business safe.

If you or your advisor have chosen a Limited Liability as your business structure, then you need to be aware of the additional advantages and obligations that go along with this.

Limited liabilities are one of the most popular business trading platforms due to the many advantages that they have. These include creditor protections, ease of ownership transfer and taxation benefits.

However with these advantages, comes increased responsibilities of having a registered office, keeping the right company records, minutes and resolutions. You will also be required to file a company annual return.

The Value to You

  • Helping you set your company up correctly from the start, with the right ownership structure
  • Maintaining all the appropriate minutes, resolutions and registers
  • Ensuring that the company stays legally complaint
  • Maximise the benefit of a limited liability in order to maximise your wealth
  • Maintaining your records as the companies registered office


A Company is required to have a Registered Office. This involves ensuring that your Company keeps the right records, records Minutes, holds a Register of Shareholders, Register of Directors, Register of Interests and this is just the start. You will also be required to file your Annual Company Return. BFA can keep your Company safe by ensuring that your Company is compliant with the Companies Act. We can take the stress and administration away from you, and we set a fixed annual price for this.

What we do for you
  • Meet with you and scope your requirements.
  • Outline the correct Company ownership and structure.
  • Gather all other necessary documentation and information.
  • Setting up your Company correctly from the start.
  • Ensuring all minutes required are filed in the minute book.
  • Update your Company Annual Return accurately.
  • Ensuring all registers are updated (Shareholders, Directors).
  • Set up your Company correctly to synchronize with tax planning.
  • Keep legally compliant and keep directors safe.
  • Use the benefit of a limited liability to maximise wealth.