Craters Classic '22


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Well, who would have predicted that change of weather!!

Friday started out with hail, massive winds and freezing cold weather - a gloomy outlook indeed for the Crater Classic on Saturday - but, lo and behold, Saturday dawned with sun, clear skies and only the occasional gust of wind. Perfect weather for a bike ride!

While on Friday, the Bike Taupo staff and volunteers, (as well as our very own Carli, Frank, Garth and Jo) braved the nasty weather to set up tents, the racecourse, as well as the food and beverage area, they were thrilled to wake up to the great Saturday weather for what was an incredible experience.

We thoroughly enjoyed sharing this ride with our mountain biking mad clients. Once the racing was finished, it was just fantastic being able to take the afternoon to connect over a beer and steak sandwich - a refreshing experience after all the lockdowns and social distancing caused by COVID-19.

With only a few stumbles out on the course, it was a fun filled day for all the family. We took some great photos during the day, a few of which are included here, and if you would like to order any of our snaps then you can do that here

Huge congratulations to all involved! We can’t wait to do it all again in 2023