Let's Get Back To Talking

Some of us will remember a time, when the only way to get things done, ask for help or seek advice, was to with pick up the phone or visit the person.


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Today, relationships have been taken captive by technology using devices and automations.  There can be, in some instances, no real person behind these communications and with cyber security issues you never can be sure that with whom you are communicating with is who they say they are.

Don’t get me wrong, email, texting and automation has its benefits but at some stage the person to person relationship still, in my opinion, ties everything together.

Emails galore

Email for Beker Findlay Allan can be both a curse and a cure.  They are an effective way of touching base with new suppliers, clients, staff and the list goes on.  However, with so much email traffic we can get desensitised to the constant noise of them and often find that opening emails first thing in the morning is a negative experience, as we hadn’t yet cleared the emails from the previous day, week or month.

Pick up the phone

On the other hand, phone conversations are a great way generate results.  We can question, debate, ask advice and be clear about intentions for those clients we act for.  Often a series of emails with back and forth communications will achieve the same result with double the time, frustration and be less effective.

Skype and Face time also enable you to see the person, listen to the tone and facial expressions and create that virtual meeting.

Have a conversation

At Beker Findlay Allan person to person catch ups are at the top of our list.  We can really understand our clients, the conversation creates better enquiry connecting to better advice, but most of all we enjoy the team work and friendship.

It’s important for businesses to understand where technology fits in their business but not to let technology undersell your value or dictate your culture.

Don’t be afraid that talking is old fashioned.  Instead it can now be your businesses’ point of difference.  For Beker Findlay Allan it helps us create more value and success for all those people we work with. 

If you are needing accounting or business advice, don’t email.  Pop in and see us and lets get talking.