From day one, BFA’s underlying obligation to our clients is to help them understand their own business as best as they possibly can by passing on our knowledge and expertise to them. We have always understood the benefits of technology for businesses and we have always encouraged our clients to be current in this area.

With the invention of the “cloud” and cloud based technology we have never seen an unprecedented change in the technology space. This has opened up a world of opportunities along with a world of confusion. Which package of solutions is suitable for my business?

BFA has extensive experience in the general ledger space with Xero, MYOB, Banklink, Cash Manager, and so many others, plus the AD-ON environment which includes;

  • Quoting, scheduling and back-costing software
  • Human Resource and Health and Safety software
  • Scanning, creditors, debtors software
  • Emailing, Customer Relationship tools,

There is now so much available, it helps to sit back and work out carefully what your business needs are as a combined package, how this will be practically implemented, and how this will affect the roles and behaviour of people in the business.

Technology will not only help relieve the day to day stress of business, but it will help drive those business objectives, success strategies, encourage employees to be part of your business and help you deliver an awesome service to your clients.