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Online accounting software

  • Keep numbers up to date and connect to your advisors
  • Get real-time insights into your business
  • Streamline manual bookkeeping tasks and data entry

Dairy, Livestock and Cropping

  • Create detailed, long term financial plans and monthly budgets
  • Track financial impact of production activities
  • Create and share financial reports with stakeholders entry

The Agri payroll provider

  • Automate payroll compliance
  • Satisfy HR and regulatory requirements
  • Cut down admin with minimum wage top-ups


Cloud-based tools help you

  • Stay connected to your whole farming team
  • Access information to make confident decisions
  • Create a sustainable, profitable business
  • Gain more credibility with banking providers

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Malveena Scott

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BCom Chartered Accountant

Nick Hume

DDI. 07 376 2776

Chartered Accountant (CA) Bachelor of Business Studies (Massey Uni), (BBS) Post Graduate in Professional Accountancy (Massey Uni), (PGPA)

Jeremy King

DDI. 07 376 2707

BBS. Chartered Accountant