Accounting & Tax

If you are looking for a cost effective solution but still want to be sure that you are getting the quality service you would expect from a professional practice then the BFA Accounting and Tax Solutions will be suitable for you.

When you are in business you have certain legal obligations to comply with:

  • Income Tax Act and GST Act
  • Employment Relations Act, Wages and Holiday Pay
  • Companies Office Act (if you are a Limited Liability Company)
What BFA can do for you
  • Ensure your tax affairs are safe
  • Allocate income so as to minimise your tax.
  • Ensure your GST calculations are correct.
  • Ensure you legally comply with Income Tax and GST Act.
  • Maximise your cash by minimising your tax.
  • Protect your money by avoiding IRD penalties and interest.
  • Return your overpaid tax and refunds immediately.
  • Calculate what you deserve in Working for Families.
  • Legal Responsibilities with the companies office
  • Reconcile your account with the IRD making sure this is correct

With BFA Accounting and Tax solutions you can ask for an agreed upfront price, with no hidden additional costs. You will meet the team working for you, and you can relax knowing that a professional job today will keep you safe in the future.