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BFA Business Bulletin - April 2020

Well it is certainly a different world to what it was last Easter, and we know it is an extremely challenging time for everyone. In this bulletin we have pulled together some key information that we think is important for businesses to know. We know that now, more than ever, will be a critical time for businesses to have current financials available. Businesses need to be able to access funding and taxation planning opportunities to utilise the IRD initiatives in relation to deductions and repayment programmes.

Published: Apr 09 2020

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Change is inevitable

As I write this article from my home office, I am trying to figure out what to write. Originally, I was writing an article to promote our BFA AGRI TALK 2020 seminar which aimed to cover the risk topics farmers were facing today - Animal Welfare, Financial Management, Health and Safety, Human Resource Management, Environmental Changes, Banking Changes and Commodity Price Risk.

Published: Mar 23 2020

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Supporting your business through COVID-19

On Tuesday the Government announced its Economic Relief Package in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here's how we can help you navigating this.

Published: Mar 20 2020

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Nick Hume | Farm Accountant | Agribusiness Advice Taupo

Shifts in the financial sector are expected to impact on farm finances before Christmas. Last week the Reserve Bank made an unexpected decision – the official cash rate is to remain at one percent. As a Taupō based agribusiness advisor and farm accountant, I can see that changes in the farming financial sector are the order-of-the-day.

Published: Nov 27 2019

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Farmers must face the Future

Farmers are facing some of the biggest non nature-related challenges they have seen in many years. Environmental concerns, changes in consumer preferences and new regulations seem to be adding an extra level of complication to an already complex sector.

Published: Sep 23 2019

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