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Thinking about business change this year?

The Summer holidays are often a time we generally use to reassess and set our personal goals and business goals. The most common goals for business owners are; earn more, reduce stress and spend more time with family and doing things you love.

Published: Feb 15 2018

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Let's Get Back To Talking

Some of us will remember a time, when the only way to get things done, ask for help or seek advice, was to with pick up the phone or visit the person.

Published: Nov 30 2017

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Getting a buzz out of bookkeeping

Bookkeeping can sound old fashioned, but this is far from the truth. In fact, there are a lot of great reasons why businesses should get a buzz out of bookkeeping.

Published: Jun 01 2017

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Own an AirBnb or Book a Bach? You need to know the new rules.

Due to the ease of earning additional income through short-term property rental, the IRD have implemented strict rules to monitor this activity and these could have major implications for you as a tax payer if you undertake such rental activity.

Published: Apr 10 2017

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So why did you go into business?

At BFA, we see it time and time again, that people go into business for the same reasons - they are passionate about what they do, they want to deliver a better service, they want to control their lifestyle, and of course achieve better financial rewards.

Published: Apr 01 2017

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