Book Keeping

At BFA we offer a comprehensive bookkeeping service for those clients that currently don’t have the resources to do this themselves. You may be a start-up business, or you may have just lost a key staff member. BFA can fill this gap for you.

BFA can offer you a competitive price for bookkeeping, as we use the latest technology and qualified staff to get the job done quickly and professionally. We offer a friendly service at a competitive price.

The Value to you

  • Qualified staff without the stress and cost of employing.
  • Contracting avoids paying ACC, Holiday Pay, Sick Leave.
  • GST and financial information is automatically produced.
  • Menial day to day tasks are now delegated to someone else.
  • Save valuable dollars on the year end accounts as it is processed daily and monthly.
  • Dollars saved by avoiding costs of employment – (sick, holidays etc)
  • Use the best technology for your business, stay current.
  • Remove stress in your business and improve your lifestyle.

We canhelp you with

  • Setting up of business systems which may include general ledger, bank, creditors, debtors, stock, point of sale and so much more
  • Process all creditors (accounts payable) into the general ledger
  • Batch up payments ready to pay creditors
  • Set up the invoicing system and / or pricing system for billing
  • Process all the debtors (invoices) into the general ledger
  • Wages and Payroll
  • Payment of IRD obligations, PAYE, GST and tax payments
  • Maintain budget vs actual results
  • Back Costing by Job if Required
  • Maintain rolling cash flow(Daily / Monthly / Annual)
  • Any other administration services as scoped and priced

With BFA Bookkeeping solutions you can ask for an agreed upfront price, with no hidden additional costs. You will meet the team working for you, and you can relax knowing that a professional job today will help save you money and reduce stress tomorrow.