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The team at BFA have years of experience in advising our clients on specific challenges and opportunities that businesses and business owners face every day. We like to be part of our client’s team, working together to create successful solutions.

Technology and Driving your business

Technology has always played a big part in businesses as it drives success in sales, helps create timely and accurate financials, assists with staff management, health and safety – and virtually every other aspect of the day to day life of running a business. How technology fits together with your business objectives is every changing and will be continue to challenge us, as we strive to stay current and ahead of the game.

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Understanding the value of your business is critical to identifying where your business is today, how to protect, grow and improve your business and to be able to secure your future with succession planning and exit strategies. Most people think they know the value of their business, however in the majority of business valuation cases there are major differences to what the owners think and what the values actually are. This is called the ‘Valuation Gap’.

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You have worked hard all your life and to know that with forward planning, you can make sure the transition is financially beneficial. We want to create a structured plan with you now, so a clear vision for the future can be actioned and achieved because tomorrow will soon be today.

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Making change to create positive results

Change Management is the process that BFA works through making modifications to individuals roles and job descriptions, teams and business systems. BFA works with individual’s behaviour and job descriptions and looks at how these individuals work within the team to achieve positive results for the business. Every team member should understand the vision of the business and how they are of value and add value.

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