Change Management

Change Management is the process that BFA works through making modifications to individuals roles and job descriptions and the business in order to create positive outcomes.

BFA works with individual’s behaviour and job descriptions and looks at how these individuals work within the team to achieve positive results for the business. Every team member should understand the vision of the business and how they are of value and add value.

We use technology and a close review of the operations of the business in order to re-direct the resources and reshape the business. This includes establishing the platform of systems that support success and growth.

The below diagram will give you an outline of a generic change process.


It can be the hardest thing for business owners to invite someone in to scrutinize how things are being done and then implement some of the suggestions that may cause some level of discomfort.

However if the project of change is well managed, these “pain” points will be mitigated as soon as possible and communicated effectively. BFA helps you stay focused on the end goal which will be all the “why’s” of why we needed change in the first place.