Forestry & Transport

Forestry and transport are one of the most demanding industries that can bring high rewards but also fraught with high risk. What makes the BFA team exceptional specialists in this area is our complete knowledge and experience of the forestry sector.

We are qualified in Forestry along with key experience in the industry, presenting workshops and facilitating with contracting organisations.

What we do for you

  • We start with great financials and tax planning, so that we can create the best decision making process on rates, cash flows, budgets and funding
  • We protect your assets, and when the going is good, we help you diversify your opportunities outside of the forestry and transport industry
  • We think ahead. What volume of work is coming on-line, what is current and projected in the world markets, and what challenges are coming up with mechanisation and technology

BFA have a qualified team who can assist you in all aspects of Forestry & Transport, and then ensure that all those other specialist areas that you may need like succession and property are incorporated into your business solutions.