Specialist Knowledge

Talk to a BFA advisor who knows your industry and the specific rules, regulations and success drivers in order to minimise risks and maximise returns. We have advisors with years of experience in specific industry groups, along with knowledge in local and internal tax rules

Understand this complex and highly regulated tax environment

Property is a complex and highly regulated tax environment, and an environment where the regulations do change regulary. BFA’s wealth of knowledge and modern approach to property ownership has resulted in our team becoming a market leader in this industry, advising property owners, investors, traders and developers.

Buying, selling and managing your property

Agriculture and Farming

We have a team of specialists who work in Agribusiness. Every industry has its own challenges and after years of working in the industry, we understand the challenges you and your business are facing, and how to solve them. We help you maximise your cash by minimising tax along with great data for forward planning, and organise the best funding structures, succession and legacies.

Do you need help managing your Farm or Agriculture business?


In a commodity based industry you must be quick to adjust to the economic changes. Contractors, transport operators and forest owners must stay current with management issues, pricing, investment analysis, and project evaluations including land use, crop types and most typically advice on the Emissions Trading Scheme. Planning ahead, mitigating risk and asset protection is critical and this is just the start of what BFA can do for you.

Are you protected against economic change?