Understanding the value of your business is critical to identifying where your business is today, how to protect, grow and improve your business and to be able to secure your future with succession planning and exit strategies.

Most people think they know the value of their business, however in the majority of business valuation cases there are major differences to what the owners think and what the values actually are.
This is called the ‘Valuation Gap’.
Why as a business owner would you NOT want to know for a fact where you are at, what the gap is and how you are going to get there?

  • Prepare the risk assessment and value driver questionnaire.
  • Understand the extent of the information required to complete the valuation.
  • Critically look at all aspects of the business.

  • Review industry trends and data.
  • Create knowledge and systems.
  • Maximise the potential.
  • Pro-active approach to increasing value.
  • Benchmarking for guiding change.
  • Improve the wealth of your life’s work.
  • Create options for selling, succession and retirement.

Business valuations are often performed when clients have legal disagreements, a breakdown in the business owner’s relationship, or an unplanned retirement.

Before this happens let BFA help you with the perfect business plan, and complete a valuation, so that tangible actions are identified that will help drive profits and future success