Professional Services

BFA are a full service Accounting Firm, but we recognise that not all clients require all our services. We work with you to create a personalised plan, using only the services you need, which is cost effective while getting a professional quality of service.

Specialist Services

Talk to a specialist Business & Tax Advisor who knows your industry and the specific rules and regulations that relate to you, in order to minimise risk and maximise return. We have partners and associates with years of experience in Agri Business, Forestry, Property and Valuations.

Business Advice

Our Business Advisors have years of experience across multiple industries. We can often identify areas of change and improvement, based on similar situations, that save you and your business time and money right away. We work with you so we can drive change together, shaping the future for you, your team and your business.


BFA employ smart people to work with smart businesses to achieve smart outcomes. We believe in only employing people in New Zealand so we support New Zealand families and New Zealand business.


At BFA we want to work with people who respect our advice and want to achieve the best results for their business, their families and their future.

  • Keeping your compliance and tax obligations safe
  • Increasing your income and wealth opportunities
  • Removing stress and improving your quality of life
  • Planning a future and creating a lifetime legacy for yourself and your family