Who we are

Our Story

Twenty-plus years ago the founders of BFA made a smart move. They stepped away from their traditional accounting practices to build a new business based on a simple principle: to help make their clients successful.

This principle still drives us today and was a significant influence in our decision to merge with our Rotorua firm (formerly Blackslate Chartered Accountants). With these shared values we are now able to offer our unique smart business solutions to an ever growing geographical area.

BFA’s professional platform in financial accounting and taxation has always formed the foundation for clients’ success, but we also know how to use our business expertise to help others boost their efficiency, unlock growth and create wealth.

A cornerstone of our success is that we want to work as a team with smart people, creating smart business and delivering smart outcomes. We believe that business success is not about one aspect, but an entire group of solutions that match knowledge, skills and talent with passion and dedication.

That is why BFA enjoys working closely with like-minded people who are ambitious and committed to success. We ensure our own team shares those values and principles.

At BFA, we are excited about being part of your business future and helping you to achieve your full potential.